Rosemary BellingerRaised in Scarsdale, NY, before moving to Greenwich, CT and Palm Beach, Rosemary knew that she had a talent and passion for Interior Design and Decorating from when she was 6 years old. Obsessed with the Interior Decoration of her dollhouse, if Rosemary wasn't actually moving the furniture in her hotel room, she was re-decorating every space that she experienced in her imagination.

From having the most coveted Doll House Interior, to being credited for and for receiving Rave Reviews for the Best College Dorm Room, Rosemary was determined to make a career doing what she loves, loving what's she's doing, and getting paid for it. Rosemary's mind boggling ever present energy and her personable magnetism is riveled only by her passion for everything she does and or believes in.

During Rosemary's childhood years her knowledge of Antiques lay dormant only to surface and surprise later on, as her family have been collectors of Antiques and Fine Art from as far back as she can remember. Not to be fooled though, as Rosemary is more than capable of creating Interior MAGIC across the style board. From an Uptown Urban Tailored Sophisticated Interior Design, to a Clean Minimal Contemporary look, Country French...Country English, Tuscan Mediterranean, British Colonial, Asian,Tropical Island, Mountain-Top Ski Chalet, to the meditative look of Zen, Rosemary will prepare an Interior Decorating / Design presentation that you will not be able to resist.

With an imagination that sees no limits, Rosemary has been creating unforgettable interiors since 1985. Having earned a respected reputation, the name Rosemary Bellinger Interiors is synomous with ELEGANCE. Ever impressive is her sense of style and her ability to create timeless, classical, and breath taking Interiors.Equipped with a crew of the finest licenced artisans, craftsmen, workrooms, General Contractors and Arctitects, Rosemary has all the facilities and capabilities to produce the finest quality work.

A graduate of Briarcliff College, Rosemary is bi-lingual as she majored in Spanish and minored in Interior Design. In 1982, Rosemary furthered her studies at NY School of Interior Design before launching a successful career in Greenwich, Ct. where she rapidly gained recognition in the community. For several years in a row Rosemary gave Interior Design Seminars at Greenwich Academy where she was repeatedly awarded for her genius as Decoration Chairwoman from 1985-1988 and for the MAJIC that she created with her assignment to Decorate for Christmas the entire 39 acre campus at Greenwich Academy.

Over and above these honorable mentions, Rosemary decorated and designed many interiors of many homes. Whether it was just the design of all the Window Treatments, an Interior Design / Decorating Consultation, or to re-decorate and design an entire home, Rosemary's passion is contagious and her help is invaluable. Additionally, her uncanny ability to READ, LISTEN, HEAR, and KNOW the client's needs and taste is amazing. Rosemary cuts to the chase as her perceptive nature can somehow articulate what the client can't seem to express. Never one to inflict her taste onto the client, Rosemary is forever mindful that her job is to put her client's taste into good taste. When Rosemary finishes a project, she leaves a positive lasting imprint on the space, and with her client. Most importantly Rosemary will never put her signature on anything that she is not proud of.


Rosemary's work is always a Class Act.
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