The Master Bedroom vision came to me immediately. The client selected the wonderful 4 poster bed which mimics a cross between bamboo and tree twigs/ branches. Such a wonderful room opportunity to ROMANCE the natural, elegant, primitive, exotic, relaxed, classical ambience of the rest of the home. Truely the icing on the cake.

Upon entering the BOUDOIR one feels like he almost transcends the otherwise earthiness of the rest of the home. The Master Bedroom experience is so very etherial...dreamy... cloudlike...heavenly and so ROMANTIC, ROMANTIC, ROMANTIC! T

The mirror above the dresser is magnificent ! Framed with slivers of mother-of-pearl and a glimmer of crystals give the wall a dash of drama, a bit of sparkle, and lots of ROMANCE.

Mother of pearl lamps realate so well with the pearlized mirror and the mother-of-pearl covered Boudoir pillows.

Again we see grass cloth, sisal; however, the the emotional effect here is unique. The mingling and interaction of the formal drapery style, with the elegant transparent fabric casually hung on raw bamboo poles is the paradoxical backbone of the design project. Again the elegant is toned down by the primitive and the primitive is engraciated by the elegant rendering the relaxed, classical elegance that prevails throughout the home.

Romance reaches a new level in this Boudoir when the spinning banana leaf ceiling fan plays light heartedly with the delicate transparency of the sheer fabric that swathes the bed canopy and drapes the French doors.

Timeless in age, Classic by style....
Room Designs that ALWAYS endure!

Photo Copyright © Daniel Newcomb
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