What are little girls made of ?
Sugar and spice, and everything nice
That’s what little girls are made of.

Thank Heavens for Little Girls !

This room clearly defines the girly-girl. My client wanted a little girl's BOUDOIR. The mother wanted the room to be fit for a princess.

So it was.

Rumor has it that there wasn't a child in Greenwich, Ct that wasn't raving about this 5 year old's Buduior. While the Mother wanted a little girl's room, she wanted a timeless, classical, elegant space that could be revised easily with the maturity of her daughter.

The furniture here is solid mahogany, and was purchased from an Estate Auction.One of my best furniture masters transformed the pieces into a mushroom white, hand painted the raised carved roses, rendering what you see here.

In person this room was absolutely breath taking. No one ever forgets this room. It still is the talk-of-the-town.

The fabric is an English polished cotton chintz inspired by the Victorian era. The wing chair, obviously scaled to a child, was an Antique which needed spring refurbishing,and re-upholstering. Mini loveseat, mini footstool, and vanity table were picked up in my travels.Can you believe that I found that mirror with the same raised carved rose motif ? All drapery treatment,including the baloon shade was designed by me

Coveted by all her peers, this vanity table, embellished with miniature crystal animals and parfum bottles, a sterling silver brush and comb, singularly was probably the most appreciated and raved room design..

Timeless in age, Classic by style....
Room Designs that ALWAYS endure!

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