The importance of an ENTRYWAY should never be under valued. The impression...the emotional experience... after one steps foot onto the front door thresh hold is paramount.

Of course a very textured grass cloth does the trick again! (Grass cloth has such diverse affects and can be used to eclectisize so many environments). The petit point wool carpet with tropical monkeys adds warmth and whimsy while bekoning you to enter. An Asian inspired hand carved wood statue on an Antique stand circa 1800 Elm/Shanxi, China gives you a sneak preview to the touches of exotisism that will prevail throughout the home.

The mahogany British Colonial inspired bar cabinet , and the original water color prints of sub-marine life decorating the stairwell, mix and mingle to create an exotic island feeling. Is it Bali...or is it Fiji...perhaps its Bermuda ?

Look above and see a most inpressive 40 " tall pineapple cut glass chandelier casting interesting shadows as it presnts itself in front of a fabulous tropical cinnabar-red linen swag and jabot window treatment...just enough red to warm the space and reflect the red in the petit point carpet. The dark wood drapery poles with pinepple finials repeat the pineapple theme echoed by the upstairs chandelier. Perhaps hard to determine in the photograph, but I covered both chandelier chains with the same natural sisal chord that I used to tie-back the living room drapery. Interestingly enough, in many cultures the pineapple symbolizes a sense of welcome, good cheer, and human warmth.

Timeless in age, classic by style....
A room like this ALWAYS endures !

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