The Breakfast Nook

Here we see photos of the transformation of an ordinary and insipid Breakfast Nook
which was bland and quite uneventful before I arrived.
Client was looking to excite the room and give it personality that would flow
with the rest of the living space. Removing an attached server to the wall
was the obvious first step, but it was the design of the teak suspended ceiling
that gave the room the Architectural detail that it was screaming for.
Suspended about 4 " from the apartment's ceiling... with 4" borders from
the walls, the client loves the creation. The mini recessed lighting fits so perfectly
in the ceiling squares as it discretely splays and diffuses light in the room.
The table, from Black & Linet aptly accompanied by 4 fabulous leather
director-like chairs on stainless legs ( Black & Linet ), follows the lead
of the stainless appliances and cabinet " pulls ".
Over and above everything, clearly, it was the vibrant Venetian Plaster that gave
the room a " WOW ". The poreless sheen of the Venetian Plaster, the texture
of the teak ceiling, the leather chairs, and grass covered walls
mix and mingle to arouse lots of interest.

Timeless in age, Classic by style....
Room Designs that ALWAYS endure!

Photo Copyright © Daniel Newcomb

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