My objective in this living Room on the ocean in Palm Beach was to mix and mingle elements in somewhat of a paradoxical manner to render a most relaxed yet elegant, classical yet comtemporary, exotic ambience. My vision was to interface the casual /raw with elegant / refined. The existing cold white marble floors directed contradicted the natural tropical warm environment that I wanted to project, I had to somehow make those floors seem to disappear.

My presentation to the client utilized a plethora of primitive and casual elements with a touch of refined extravagence. Using the contrast of the very dark West Indian / South Pacific exotic woods ( mahogany, distressed walnut, rosewood, teak and rattan ) amidst a pure white linen sofa marked by blue and white linen tropical toile throw pillows added some drama to an otherwise laid- back room. The natural texture of banana leaf ( in the woven slipper chairs and ceiling fan ) combined with the natural shells in shadow boxes over the mantle marked the proximity to a beach!

Devoid of color per se, and using a monochromatic color palatte, it is the very texture that enabled me to achieve the desired ambience. Textured lamp shades topping heavily carved bark lamp bases are important accessory details.The walnut antique repro china cabinet chock full of the thematic blue and white porcelaine makes a statement by itself.

The sofa table is a Rosewood Antique circa 1800 Elm/Shanxi, China.

Finally its the mingling of an over abundance of luxurious silk shantung fabric tied back with raw / natural sisal chord that draws your eye to a secluded Paradisean patio / pool area dripping with bouganvilla, and scented with jasmine and gardenias.

Timeless in age, Classic by style....
Room Designs that ALWAYS endure!

Photo Copyright © Daniel Newcomb
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