I knew the moment that I entered the Dining Room what would be necessary...I had a vision....

The client expressed that she would love to use Blue and White in the Dining Room. Using this request as my cue card, I set out for a WOW FACTOR as I displayed and crowded the Blue and White ginger jars and vases atop an Antique Rosewood Server or Coffer as the Chinese prefer ( circa 1800 Elm / Shanxi Dynasty ).

Designing 3 unique and identical gold leaf bamboo style mirrors in lieu of one larger one, a more Asian feeling is achieved. The reflective power of mirror is powerful here as the impact of the crowded Blue and White Porcelaine and pussy willow suddenly becomes 4 fold!

Important here is the Crown Molding which was faux- painted to look like bamboo by one of my Master Artisans. Additionally I used faux-painted bamboo applied ceiling molding in the very Asian rectangular shape with curved cut-off corners.

Here again we see the elegant paired with the primitive as an abundance of luxurious imported silk fabric hangs from natural bamboo poles. Grass cloth is repeated here and warms the 4 walls, while the thematic Blue and White Porcelaine compliments the Asian Pagoda inspired china cabinets. Symetrical balance is achieved with 2 silver leafed
hand-painted wall panels flanking the black China Cabinets. When dimmed properly, the lighting from the intricately hand carved bamboo style pineapple chandelier
plays well with the pussy willows creating exotic and dramatic effects from shadows.

Bamboo rattan Dining chairs accented with leather binding compliment the simple mahogany dining table.

Timeless in age, Classic by style....
Room Designs that ALWAYS endure!

Photo Copyright © Daniel Newcomb
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