The Most Elegant Dining Room in Greenwich!

Probably the most special part of this Dining Room is the hand painted wall paper, which is actually custom made murals,of whose size I drew to scale to fit each wall elevation. Each panel is hand painted to my specifications. Due the preciousness of this paper, it is designed to be removed and re-installed if needed. This paper is truly crème de crème !

Amazing part is that this paper works beautifully with contemporary as well as traditional. The beauty of working with Asian elements is that they can be eclecticized anywhere.

The Chandelier, an Antique Louis-Phillipe Bacarrat Crystal circa 1840, is solid bronze adorned with Bacarrat crystals and is a most elegant fixture. The tulip shaped crystal fittings are characteristic of the Louis-Phillipe era. These fabulous wall paper murals compliment the chandelier making this Dining Room a Classical knock-out !

My clients, avid lovers of English 18th Antiques allowed me to eclecticize their interior with Eastern objets d'art. Chinese and Japanese porcelaine, and all Chinoiserie work so well with the very tailored and restrained styling of the English. The very mixing, which is an Interior Design MUST, makes for the visual interest and sophistication.

The side board is 18th Century Hepplewhite English with all inlaid Mahogany. The beautiful Dining table is 18th Century Duncan Pyfe Mahagony with all satin wood banding. An elegant, timeless, classical room !

Timeless in age, Classic by style....
Room Designs that ALWAYS endure !

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